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Channing Tatum Snl, Saturday Night Live viewers got to see much more of Channing Tatum’s buff body than anyone expected.The Hollywood hunk, who hosted last night’s episode, poked fun at his first job as a stripper by ripping off his shirt to the audience’s delight.During his opening monologue, The Vow star greeted a group of women in the crowd as former ‘clients’ from his stripping days.

Then the 31-year-old called out a male admirer in the crowd, played by SNL regular Fred Armisen, who got so excited he had a heart attack and ‘died happy,’

The show, which returned after a three week break, included several other hilarious moments including Kristen Wiig’s portrayal of recent musical guest Lana Del Rey.

Since the episode was the first since Del Rey’s much maligned performance, it was only fitting that the SNL cast would poke fun at the backlash.

Weekend Update anchor Seth Meyers made light of Del Rey’s heavily panned performance.

While Wiig, who played the internet singing sensation, fired back at all the haters.

She said: ‘Based on the public’s response, I must have clubbed a baby seal while singing the Taliban national anthem.’

While the skit joked that the negative response as overblown, it also acknowledged some of the criticism may have been warranted.

Seth Meyers asked Wiig’s version of Del Rey why people had such a negative reaction.

She guessed it was because she came off as stiff, distant, and weird. But there’s a very good explanation for that, Del Rey said. ‘I’m stiff, distant, and weird.’

Other segments included a sci-fi skit that sent GOP presidential candidate Newt Gingrich to the Moon.

The futuristic sketch parodied Newt’s claims that if elected, he would build a permanent moon base.

With Bobby Moynihan returning as Gingrich and Kristen Wiig playing his wife Calista, the cast looked into the not-so-distant-future.

The skit showed ‘socialist’ Barack Obama getting elected to a second term and Gingrich installing himself as moon president.

Along for the ride were his trusted robot advisor, the Reagatron 3000 played by Bill Hader, and Kenan Thompson turning in a performance as former candidate Herman Cain.

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