Keira Knightley Spray Tan

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Keira Knightley Spray Tan, Hot Actress Keira Knightley had a fake tan fail a week after Christina Aguilera’s leg drip at Etta James’ funeral. While at the premiere of her movie A Dangerous Method, the UK-born star showed off signs of having misapplied the golden hue on parts of her body.

Last night, London was the scene of a huge gathering of people, who assembled to celebrate the premiere of A Dangerous Method, a David Cronenberg film. It’s largely based on how Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung’s relationship formed the basis of psychoanalysis.

Knightley, 26, plays the character Sabina Spielrein in the movie. She starts off as a patient of Jung, and then becomes the first female psychoanalyst. Later the two become romantically involved.

But despite the pomp and circumstance surrounding the movie, all eyes turned to the English rose and her stunning appearance.

Sporting a burgundy Burberry gown, Chanel bling, Louboutin heels, and swept back hair to complete the ensemble, she looked like a fairytale princess, citing the Daily Mail.

However, she lost points for a fashion faux pas. As strange as it seems, Keira Knightley experienced the fake tan fail.

In a photo (shown here), splotches of brown spray tan were clearly seen, thanks to her backless dress. Obviously, the adorable star was in a rush to make the premiere, and fell victim to “a dangerous method” by self applying spray tan in hard-to-reach areas.

Either she was oblivious or just didn’t seem to give a hoot; Keira celebrated at the after party with co-star Michael Fassbender. The two partied the night away before a crowd of onlookers at a party hosted by GQ at 34 Restaurant in Mayfair, London.

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