L.A. Stadium Deal Appears All But Dead

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L.A. Stadium Deal Appears All But Dead, More than three months after a clandestine meeting that featured billionaire developer Phil Anschutz, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft, Anschutz continues to show no interest in changing the terms of a deal that would return the NFL to downtown Los Angeles, Yahoo! Sports has learned.

That lack of interest means that plans for a downtown stadium to be built and run by Anschutz Entertainment Group may be all but dead in the eyes of many involved. AEG is supposed to unveil an Environment Impact Report on the site in early April. However, that report may be worth little more than the paper it’s printed on if Anschutz and AEG don’t make a shift in the financial plan that’s been presented to NFL officials.

Three sources said the four men met in Denver on the weekend of Dec. 18, when New England played there against the Broncos. Villaraigosa requested the meeting in hopes of encouraging Anschutz, who lives in Denver, to put more support behind the stadium AEG has proposed building.

Part of that support would mean changing the financial terms AEG has laid out to teams that might move to the proposed site. AEG’s terms include buying a minority stake in the team at a discounted rate and what amounts to a rental agreement on the stadium.

At the meeting, Goodell politely told Anschutz that the terms are unacceptable to the NFL and any of the handful of teams that have been targeted for a potential move to Los Angeles, including the San Diego Chargers. Kraft attended the meeting because he is also very close to Anschutz and does business with AEG. Kraft echoed Goodell’s remarks.

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