Bay Area Fears Over Dangerous Mosquito

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Bay Area Fears Over Dangerous Mosquito, Vector control officials here in the Bay Area are taking steps to halt any northern migration of a pest that has begun showing up in Southern California.

“The Asian Tiger Mosquito is a real game changer,” said Russ Parman, acting director of the Santa Clara County Vector Control District. “That’s because it’s a container breeder — which means it will breed in any container — from a saucer with a quarter inch of water, to potted plants, anything that holds water.”

That makes the bug hard to corral and kill, which is very important because this little bug can be deadly.

“It’s a very efficient vector of some nasty human diseases, one of which is Dengue Fever,” said Parman. “And another is Chikungunya, which means ‘bent over’ in the native tongues.”

The Asian Tiger Mosquito is smaller than the typical ones we find in the Bay Area, and it’s distinct in that it has a very visible white line down its back.

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