Debbie Stevens Fired Kidney

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Debbie Stevens Fired Kidney, Would you ever donate a kidney to your boss?

Probably not, but Debbie Stevens of Long Island did, and now she’s filed a discrimination complaint with state regulators. In what is being called the “kidney donor case,” Stevens claims boss Jackie Brucia turned on her after the organ donation. She even demoted her when she took time off to deal with the pain.

And then, when she complained, she was fired.

How Debbie Stevens came to donate a kidney to her boss is an integral part of the story. The two had met in 2009 when Stevens worked for Brucia at Atlantic Automotive Group. After leaving in 2010, she returned for a visit, reports the New York Post. It was then Stevens learned that Brucia was in need of a kidney. She offered to donate.

Soon after, Stevens returned to the company, at which time she claims Brucia began “grooming her to be her ‘backup plan.’” When Brucia’s original donor was denied, she called on Stevens. She wasn’t an exact match either, but she was able to donate her kidney to someone else so that Brucia could move up on the donor list. (Reuters)

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