Dennis Hennis Fires Nail Into Heart

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Dennis Hennis Fires Nail Into Heart, Dennis Hennis, 52, was trying to clear a jammed nail gun when he fired it into his chest, puncturing the right side of his heart.

The self-employed builder, from Vineland, New Jersey, said he thought he was going to die.

He went into cardiac arrest and fog grounded the helicopter that was needed to take him to hospital.

Now recovering, he laughed off his doctor’s suggestion that he buy a lottery ticket.
“I’ve already won the lottery,” he joked.

Mr Hennis was using a nail gun like this when he very nearly killed himself

Mr Hennis was working with his 28-year-old son on a neighbour’s roof when the accident happened.

He told ABC News: “I’ve done it a hundred times before, just undo it, but it wasn’t going so well.

“I had turned it a little too far and pop, it felt like someone was poking me right in the chest. I thought I was done, I really did.”

Paramedics were unable to airlift him to Cooper University Hospital because of heavy fog so he was taken on the 30-minute journey by ambulance instead.

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