One Organ Donor Can Save Up To Eight Lives

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One Organ Donor Can Save Up To Eight Lives, April is Donate Life Month. It’s a time to look at the difference we can make as a registered organ, eye and tissue donor. One person can save up to eight lives through organ donation and help up to 50 more through tissue and eye donation. Last year more than 28,000 men, women and children in the United States received a lifesaving organ transplant and one million more received a healing tissue transplant. Their lives were changed forever by a caring stranger who made the generous decision to be a donor.

In Ohio, more than 3,400 individuals are on a waiting list for an organ transplant, with 800 of those people residing in central Ohio. Hundreds more in Ohio are waiting for tissue transplants. Organs that can be donated include heart, lung, kidney, pancreas, live, and small intestine. Tissues include heart valves, bones, tendons, ligaments, fascia, veins, skin, nerves and corneas.

Myths and misconceptions prevent people from registering. Here are the truths about donation:

» Anyone of any age can register to donate organs and tissue.

» Even people with health conditions can register (cancer, diabetes, etc.). Medical professionals will determine what can be donated at the time of death.

» All major religions support organ and tissue donation.

» Your status as a donor will never compromise your medical care. Only after every effort to save a life has failed, is donation considered. Our medical staff members do not have access to the Ohio Donor Registry.

» There is no cost to a donor’s family or their estate for organ and tissue donation.

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