Ozzy Osbourne Urinated On The Alamo

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Ozzy Osbourne Urinated On The Alamo, A drunk man caught urinating on the Alamo — of all places — was arrested for criminal mischief Saturday night. The peeing episode is reminiscent of an ’80s incident when Ozzy Osbourne was arrested. Was it a copycat prank-turned-crime?

While Tampa is known for intoxicated revelers peeing in the public, it’s usually done during the Gasparilla Pirate Festival. Despite the ban on consuming alcohol during the event, people break the laws, and relieve themselves in the public.

But even news about the Florida man, who soiled the back of a police cruiser last year pales in comparison to the Texas incident.

Citing a 4/16/12 report from The Smoking Gun, while conducting routine rounds at the Battle of the Alamo historic site, a park ranger noticed something odd.

A man, who had just tucked back his gear behind his fly, was exiting an area that is typically off-limits to the public. The Alamo Ranger also noticed a fresh pool of urine on the side of the building where the man was standing. He called San Antonio Police, who then arrested Daniel Athens, 21, for urinating on the Alamo, and public intoxication.

Alamo Committee Chairwoman Melinda Navarro said this about the incident:

“It stands for many different things for many different people, and to have somebody come up and do that to the Shrine, it’s very disheartening.”

As the story goes with Ozzy, during a 1982 tour the frontman for Black Sabbath suddenly had to relieve himself. With no available public toilet nowhere in sight, Osbourne urinated on the side of the Alamo, while wearing a dress.

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