Why Streisand Never Got A Nose Job

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Why Streisand Never Got A Nose Job, It’s hard to believe that the young star who brought to life comedienne Fannie Brice in the stage and film versions of “Funny Girl” is now 70 years old. In honor of Barbra Streisand’s milestone birthday today, we present you with five facts about the iconic singer, actress, writer, producer, and director, who grew up living in a Brooklyn housing project and went on to become Hollywood royalty.

1. She Loves Her Bumpy Nose. Streisand has said she that early in her career she was encouraged to undergo rhinoplasty to get a perfect, movie star nose, but she declined. “I was afraid of the pain,” she told Oprah Winfrey. “And how could I trust a doctor’s aesthetic sense? How would I know he wouldn’t take too much off?” And if she hadn’t been afraid, it still would have been a no-go. “From certain angles, I liked my nose — still do. Some people would tell me, ‘You could take the bump off.’ And I would say, ‘But I like the bump.’”

2. She Lost an “A.” The star, who was born with the given name Barbara Joan Streisand, was also encouraged to change her name to make it more marquee friendly. While she opted not to do that either, she did make one small modification to it. “People told me to change my last name,” she also told Winfrey. “But I thought, That’s not real. So instead, I decided to take an ‘a’ out of my first name and shorten it to Barbra. I did that when I was 18.”

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