How Tattoo Artist Surgically Attached IPod

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How Tattoo Artist Surgically Attached IPod, Dave Hurban of Newfield, N.J., comes up with a unique way to keep his device in place.If Magneto, the arch-nemesis of the X-Men, was a tattooed hipster, he might look a lot like this guy.

Dave Hurban, a Dynasty Tattoo artist from Newfield, N.J., surgically implanted four magnets into his wrist. Why? Basically, it’s a cool (or at least unique) way to hold his iPod Nano in place without a pesky wristband.

You can check out a video of the process below, produced by Kaledioscope Kreative. But be warned—there will be blood. For more on Youth, the band featured in the video, check out their official site.


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