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Mitt Romney California, Mitt Romney, raising money in Riverside on Friday, acknowledged during his plea to donors the implausibility in winning California in the general election.

“You gotta vote, and I know you’re going to vote. But I know that California is a hard state for a Republican to win,” he told about 300 supporters at a luncheon at a golf course. “If I won California, why, we’ve won in a landslide, you know that? So, I’m hoping to win California, but I’m aiming to win in those key swing states, and one of the things you can do is help people help me.”

Romney is in the midst of a four-day, multicity fundraising run through the state, which last supported a Republican for president in 1988 and has no statewide elected officeholders who are Republican. He will also raise money Friday night at a private fundraiser at the Balboa Bay Club in Newport Beach, and Saturday in Del Mar.

On Friday, Romney urged his supporters to ask their friends to contribute to his campaign and to talk to young family members in other parts of the country about his candidacy.

“Talk to them about this election and what it means about their future. In some cases, they haven’t been given a full understanding of what’s at stake in this election. They don’t realize the unfairness, the unfairness of a president who is taking from their future to pay for benefits for us today,” he said. “The idea of passing on trillions of dollars of debt and unfunded liabilities to the next generation is not just bad economics, it’s immoral and it’s unfair.”

Romney made his remarks at the Victoria Club, a golf course and country club in the Tequesquite Arroyo. Donors dined on green salad and chicken. Among those attending was longtime Los Angeles Dodgers’ manager Tommy Lasorda. (Los Angeles Times)

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