Octomom Foreclosure Reprieve

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Octomom Foreclosure Reprieve, Bankrupt Octomom, Nadya Suleman, and her children received a second reprieve on their home’s foreclosure this week. The Suleman’s expected a second eviction notice yesterday. However, Meridian Foreclosure Services instead offered them another week to find shelter. Still, the company claims there’ll be no chances next week. Everything changes as of June 7th.

Nadya’s had plenty of chances to make good on her mortgage. She was a full 11 months behind on her $3,000 a month payments at the time of the first foreclosure notice. The family got ordered to vacate the premises earlier this week. However, that didn’t happen and they received another reprieve until Thursday. That eviction didn’t take place either.

So far, the Suleman brood continues living in their house. Word is, however, they must get out so the home can go up for auction on June 7th. But will Meridian falter once again if Nadya opts to default yet again?

Probably not. Potential bidders are already frustrated that the auction got postponed twice. It’s doubtful that Meridian can continue to stall them further.

Originally, foreclosure got stalled because Suleman filed for Chapter 7. Unfortunately, a judge dismissed the original petition because Nadya failed to file all the paperwork on time. After that, her creditors were free to take action against her once more. That’s exactly what happened with her home. (Gather)

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