Selena Gomez And Elle Magazine

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Selena Gomez And Elle Magazine, The former Disney princess, Selena Gomez, is baring almost everything. From the controversial film, “Spring Breakers,” to a sultry shoot for Elle Magazine, the 19-year old star is proving to be growing up real fast.

Apart from gracing fans with an all-grown up look for Elle, Selena opens up on her longtime beau, Justin Bieber.

Selena Gomez has always been dubbed as the charming, cute and innocent girl from Disney’s’ “Wizard of Waverly Place”. Gomez has not once been included in scandalous controversies even with Justin Bieber as her boyfriend.

Though with Selena’s current projects, scandals won’t be far from occurring. That is, if the 19-year old manages to keep her head grounded of which Selena is proving she indeed can.

The rave for Selena’s break-out Disney film, “Spring Breakers” is on an all-time high. The film by Korine is set for a 2013 release but fans just can’t wait to see it now. While fans do wait to see Selena Gomez romp around with booze in her bikini, Gomez’s’ latest photo shoot with Elle Magazine is enough to satiate the hunger.

Justin Bieber’s’ girlfriend gives fans a glimpse of her glorious cleavage in the July issue of Elle Magazine. Apart from the jaw-dropping and heart-racing photographs included in the magazine, Selena dishes on having Justin Bieber as a boyfriend and having a supportive mother.

“If I’ll share anything with you, it’s that he really is a hopeless romantic,” shared Selena.

If fans would recall Justin Bieber’s big move last year when the 18-year old rented out the whole Staples Center at Los Angeles for the private screening of “Titanic”, that was all for Selena Gomez simply because she had “mentioned” the film in a car conversation. (International Business Times)

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