Before And After Plastic Surgery

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Before And After Plastic Surgery, Ali Wentworth was tired of looking like this. Now she’s got advice for women considering a change. Daily Shot: Is Plastic Surgery Really Better for Your Career?, “Daily Shot” host Ali Wentworth had eye work done this summer after contemplating it for years. She said she was tired of everyone always asking her if she was tired.

Ali and John discuss the side effects of plastic surgery that no one talks about — constant scrutiny from people who know you went under the knife. A little tweak has helped, or not affected, the career of some stars, like Jenny McCarthy or Howard Stern. Other celebrities, like Jennifer Grey and Ashlee Simpson, are nearly unrecognizable and less employable after making a cosmetic change.

Do you think plastic surgery is a smart career move? Would you get it done? Tell us in the comments below.

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