What Obama Wants To Do After Presidency

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What Obama Wants To Do After Presidency, Whether he leaves the White House this year or in 2016, there’s one thing he’d like to focus on next. Obama to Work With Kids After Presidency, He Tells ‘The View’, After his presidency is finished-whether it is this year or in 2016-President Barack Obama said today that he would like to work with kids in the next phase of his life.

Obama was asked during a taping of ABC’s “The View” today in New York City what he sees himself doing after he is no longer president.

“Well, you know, first things first here,” Obama said to laughter. “There’s all kinds of things I want to do in the second term, uh, putting folks back to work, making sure our schools are up to snuff.”

“And then?” Barbara Walters, host of the show, said.

“You know, in a post-presidency, the thing that I think I would enjoy most is spending time working with kids,” Obama said. “I love teaching, I miss teaching, and you know, I’m not sure it would necessarily be in a classroom, but the idea of being able to go around in various cities and helping to create mentorships, and apprenticeships, giving young people the sense of possibility and opportunity, and using whatever spotlight I can shine to show how much incredible talent there is out there.”

Obama said that one of the things he has most enjoyed about being president is meeting smart, energetic young people who have ideas for making a better world. He hopes to work with more young people after his term-or terms-are finished.

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