Mom Gives Birth To Heaviest Triplets

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Mom Gives Birth To Heaviest Triplets, Jenson, Elliott, and Sidney gave parents Brittany and Jason Deen quite a surprise – twice. Heavy triplets may break world record,Brittany and Jason Deen of Sacramento, California are the new parents of fraternal triplet boys born last week weighing a combined 20 pounds. Born at 37 weeks, Jenson weighed 5lb 5oz, Elliott 7lb 3oz, and Sidney 7lb 8oz, which tentatively beat the Guinness World Record for heaviest total weight of triplets set last year (18lb 11oz).

The Deen triplets were naturally conceived which is a rare 1 in 8,000 occurrence. In order to carry the boys as close to full-term as possible, their mother Brittany ate up to 6,000 calories a day to keep them growing normally.

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